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Who we are:

The youth group at the Albany Hungarian Presbyterian Church is one of the smaller groups in the church. Youth ages range from middle school to high school.


The youth group participates in many activities, both in and outside of church. They often see movies together, and they attended several christian concerts. They also participate in church services, in particular Youth Sunday, when every part of the service is performed by the youth, even the sermon. Many of the youth are also involved in the Christmas Program, where they sing in the choir and act varous parts in the annual Christmas play.

Group leaders:

The leader of the youth group was originally Jenna Hill, however several months ago she was called up as a member of the United States Army to serve her country abroad. Now the youth leder is another young woman named Mindy Erdey. Occasionally other members of the congregation will help lead the youth when they are called, but Mindy is the youth's official leader, at least until Jenna returns on a permanent basis.

This group is currently inactive.